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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

My Machine Learning Journey [Part 1]

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Recently , I having been reading a lot on Data Science and Big Data and as i am currently a CS undergrad student it quite caught my attention . I read a lot about it on the internet , followed questions on Quora like "How to become a Data Scientist" and all , and then searching for courses to pursue masters in Data Science probably in the U.S , though I wasn't quite satisfied with the data i found .

Now , It was during my exams i found an online course on Intro to Data Science on Coursera ,  just another thing i found while searching stuff on how to dive into the data science thing ... 

Following is a link to the course : https://www.coursera.org/course/datasci

So on that site click on "preview lectures" and watch the first 2 videos , named :

After I watched these two videos , i really came  to know what actually it is and what does a Data Science mean after all...  For the first time i felt that this is something i would like to pursue (not really until i found what machine learning is.) 

So i didn't really watch the videos further on that topic but simply saw the titles of the videos and simply googled those things ... Well .. what i find is Data Science is just another fancy term creating a Hype . It is an application of Machine Learning  . Machine learning is the science of getting computers to act without being explicitly programmed. Wow! Sounds cool...

Data science is about predicting or finding patterns from the large data sets provided by the companies and organizations to people called Data scientist or Analysts who find useful information from that data by creating models and running algorithms on that data . 

Well , now my interest is more inclined towards Machine Learning . I have started taking a course online on Machine learning by Andrew Ng (Probably the master in the field and founder of Coursera). 

The course involves quite a lot of mathematics but Andrew Ng in his videos has really tried to cut down on mathematics and make it easier for the people not having a background in calculus. 

My point here is if you really want to get into the Data Science thing I strongly suggest to first learn Machine Learning which is the foundation and i must say i have been doing the same . 

This doesn't end here ...
I am still in the learning stage and i wish i will keep updating my progress and guide others via my experiences . 

Wish you a Happy New Year ! 

Happy Learning ! Cheers :) 



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