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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

How to improve search rankings and blog traffic - Earn more with Google Adsense [Part 3]

09:30 Posted by kashyap bhansali , , 1 comment

This is the thrid post in the "Earn more with Google Adsense series". Till now, we have discussed about the types of ads, how many ads can be placed on your webpage and what are the best Ad placement techniques for your blog or websites.  

Now lets see what can we do to generate more Revenue from your Ads. 

It is all a matter of good content I would say... Of course as a blogger you might always be on a look out for ways to improve your blog traffic and you yourself might be following certain blogs to get inspiration on what your next post will be. 

Before you go ahead with this post you might want to look at these previous posts:

Things you should take care of

  1. Quality Content : This depends on your niche, meaning , what your blog offers or what your blog is about . It is always good to have a certain style and topic on which you blog. In my case, this is a tech blog. But the problem here for me is that  Technology is a very broad topic. I post a wide variety of things on different topics few might say it is just random. Yes and I agree to it . Having a niche like posting only about apps , phones, travel , food actually helps you gain more readership. Automatically, you will have recurring users to your website or blog. This can help you to earn some money from Affiliate programming (More on this later some day. Subscribe if you don't wish to miss this out

  2. Keywords : One of the most important things about getting a position in the top search results on Google is to use the right keywords. Selecting the right words in your posts makes it more easy show the corrects ads on your blog. This is very important in case of ranking and simultaneously indexing. So the next time when a user performs a google search about your niche it increases you chances to improve the your rankings in the search results.

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  4. Backlinks : Backlinks are the links that link back to your website/blog. To have great and quality backlinks from good websites improves your Page Rank. The Page Rank has a scale of 0 to 10. Higher PageRank -> Better position in search -> More Traffic to your blog -> Higher Bid from advertisers for your ads -> More Money ! Sound's Simple? 

  5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) :  If you take care of the above 3 points then you have already taken care of most of the things important for search engine optimization.

I hope the points I have discussed here are clear and I have tried to explain it in the simplest way possible. I hope your journey from the first post till this one has helped you to get a more clear insight on how you can optimize your earning from Google Adsense with this simple tips and tricks. 

1 comment:

  1. Nice ! I would like to add some tips to increase page rank of the website here:

    1. Content - write a good content that is updated regularly in your website/.
    2. Text styling -Make bold or use any different font style to highlight your keyword.
    3.Use hyperlinks
    4.Use your keywords in your web pages
    5.Add interactive features to your website.

    Search engine visibility service is one of the factor to increase website traffic . It is available at Thewebpole.com


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