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Saturday, 12 July 2014

How to place Adsense Ads on your page - Earn more with Google Adsense [Part 2]

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In the previous post above we discussed about the various types of google Adsense ads you can use on your website / blog. 

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Okay so now once you have read the above post I guess we are now ready to discuss about the ads placement on your web page. 

There's a restriction on the number of ads you can place on a single web page. Obviously these restrictions are put by Google in order to ensure quality of the webpage and to avoid unnecessary spamming.

How many ads can you use?

  1. 3 Display/Text Ad units : If you look at this blog you can see I use in all 3 banner ads One above the title of the post , one in the sidebar and one inside the post!   The most important thing to improve you earning is to place at least 1 Ad somewhere in between your posts. What happens here is while your users are reading the posts they will actually look at the ad as it is between the text they are reading. Naturally, it is more likely if the ad is relevant it might get clicked.

  2. 3 Link units : Most bloggers don't know that in addition to the above three ads you can use other 3 link units on the same page. It adds greatly to your earnings if the keywords that show up are relevant. 

  3. Custom Search Engine Ads : This is ads do add up to your earnings but I am a bit skeptical about it as users generally don't use the search on relatively small blogs. This is mainly important for people who have a large active readership o their blog/website. 

Thus, in addition to the custom search engine ads you can add a total of 6 Google Adsense ads on a single webpage or each page of your website. Sound's cool ? 

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What do you have to say about this? Surely comment on this post if you have something great to share or have any queries.  


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