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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Google Adsense 101 - Earn more with Google Adsense [Part 1]

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Its been quite a long time since I started using Google Adsense on my Blog. I would like to share with you my experiene and how you can use Google Adsense Ads more efficiently. In this "Google Adsense 101" series you will find the useful tips and tricks using which you can optimize your Google Adsense earnings.

I will cover almost all the things you need to take care to increase your CPC ( Cost Per Click) for Ads.
I will break this into multiple posts and will try to post new articles every alternate day. ( Can't promise :P )

Lets get started... The first thing you will need to do is decide what type of ads to use?

There are three types of ads :
  • Display / Text Ads
  • Link Units
  • Ads using Custom Search

Lets Cover each one of them
  1.  Display / Text Ads : Display ads are nothing but Image ads or Banners which is most probably the most common an all the sites. May be you must be seeing one right now in this post too or in the right sidebar of this blog and above this posts heading. You should select Display / Text while creating the ad unit as it gives more fill rate. So whenever one type of ad is not available the other type of ad maybe Text takes its place. Doing this makes sure that your ad unit will show some or the other ad no matter what. Hence you do not miss out on even a single click on your ads.

  2. -->

  3.  Link Units : Link Units are ones which show only a set of 4-5 keywords which are basically ad link and when clicked you earn from them just like the below one. Don't go by their size ,even though these tiny units are not so visible but they sometimes generate more revenue sometimes then the image ads. ( I am not lying! Try it out)

  4.  Custom Search Ads : Monetize search results in your site, mobile site or mobile application just like Google. This for pro-bloggers. We will get back to this in the later posts of this series.

In the next Part of this series [ Part 2 ] we will discuss about the ad placements and I will show you some of the best ways to place your Ads such that they will get clicked ! 

Best Google Adsense Ads Placement on your website

In case of any queries feel free to leave a comment below, I respond to most of them ! 
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