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Friday, 13 June 2014

Quora Client - New Quora App for Windows Phone 8/8.1

Quora Client

"Quora Client" for Windows Phone is a Quora app that simplifies the way you use Quora on your WP device. It is a dedicated app for Quora. You ony need to login once and you are ready to go! This app also provides shortcuts to important pages like stats,credits,content,etc.
Please see the screenshot for User Interface of this application. I urge you to download this application and see for yourself. You can always delete the app if you are not satisfied with the functionality it provides. 

Link to this App :   http://bit.ly/kkbwpapp

I am constantly seeking for suggestions and new features to add to this app. If you have anything in mind do send an email at : kashyapbhansali7@gmail.com

This app has been tested. Despite of that it may contain bugs and errors.
I request you to please kindly help me improve this app further by reporting the issues at : kashyapbhansali7@gmail.com

Do Rate this App!
Your Rating is a sense of appreciation and motivates me to further develop this application. Thank You. Cheers :)

This app is currently only supported on Windows Phone 8/8.1 . I soon wish to upload the app supported for windows phone 7/7.8.

ScreenShots :

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