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Friday, 18 July 2014

Increase your CPC with Quality Backlinks ? - Earn more with Google Adsense [Part 4]

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Probably most of you do not know how important are Backlinks for a websites popularity. Backlinks are really important and play a significant role in getting you a top position in search results.

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  • What is a Backlink ?
    Backlinks are the links that link back to your website/blog.
    How does this work ?
    So lets take an example, you like reading this blog because whatever you read helped you improve or do something you wanted to. Now you feel like sharing this on social media or a blog or some another website. So now what happens here is that when you post the link to,say, this post then when the Google crawler/spider crawls your website it will eventually see the link to this site. This counts as a Backlink and this tells the search algorithm my website must be good and hence it shows up in the results.
    More famous websites linking to yours ---> Higher the rankings in Search results ---> More Traffic.

    This is how actually Google's Search algorithm ,called "PageRank" algorithm, works.
    Agreed that the search algorithm now also takes into account different factors but the basic idea is as explained above.

    Finally, the advertisers will place a Higher bids for their ads to be displayed on your website. Eventually the ads clicked will have a really good CPC rate. 

    To achieve this it is clear that you need Good content on your blog/website, engage the readers, they will share your content, this might lead to quality backlinks... Win Win !!!

    Though  it is not right to spam other blogs or websites it is always good to have genuine backlinks. This combined with a good SEO will be the perfect money making system for your blog. 

    Feel free to share your views with us in the comments below. 


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