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Monday, 10 September 2012

SlideWall: Rotating Wallpaper With Images From Your Computer Or The Web [Ubuntu-Linux]

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                                                                                                                                                                          Want rotating wallpaper in Ubuntu, but don’t want to use the default slideshows? Design your   own with SlideWall. This easy-to-use software lets you pick which photos you want to rotate and when, and can even automatically download and rotate high-quality wallpapers from the web.
You can even set your wallpaper to a real-time depiction of where the sun is an isn’t shining on earth, if you want.
Windows and OS X both let you pick a folder of wallpapers to rotate – something mysteriously missing from Ubuntu and other Gnome-based Linux distributions. Luckily SlideWall fills the void quite nicely while providing you with web-based photos as well. It’s well worth checking out if you enjoy seeing different images throughout the day.
Slidewall was made with Ubuntu’s Unity in mind, but also works in Gnome Shell and Gnome Classic.

Wallpaper Slideshow

The wallpaper tab in SlideWall lets you add as many images as you like to your rotating wallpaper, or remove ones you’ve decided you no longer like.
rotating wallpaper image
Zoom settings for the images are also present, if you want control over how your images show up on screen.
The options tab gives you control over how frequently your wallpaper switches, and more:
rotating images
You can also manually switch the next wallpaper, anytime, by clicking the tray icon (if enabled). “Next” and “Previous” buttons there make the job easy.


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