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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Technology Makes Keeping Organized Easy

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Technology Makes Keeping Organized Easy


As time passes and there is more and more to do, being organized becomes more and more important. There is no reason that an adult should have to remember the 4000 things that have to be done between sunrise and sunset without a little bit of help from the technological front. Technology has given everyone more than enough help in keeping organized if they just know where to look.


The first and foremost quality that any good organizational app should have is portability. It does no one any good to put together a to do list that can’t go with them. Printers are an option, but there is no reason to go that route these days when there are options that allow you to transmit the data to your phone or access it from the phone.

There are a few applications that can be accessed by multiple people. The idea is that a shopping list that is on a person’s phone can be altered by another person that stayed home. This is great for the busy family and a lot simpler than trying to stop and answer a call in the middle of shopping for items.

Ease of Use

For business there are some very useful online tools that are both free and some that have a monthly fee. The key to using and picking the right tool is the ability for not just you to use the software, but for those that you are sharing it with to be able to function within the environment. Some of these are designed to be used by software developers and project developers and can be rather complex.

There are plenty that have fewer features, but have the ease of use that is necessary to help organize an entire office or a staff of people. Make sure that you try each out before settling on one. Almost all of these services have a trial period that can give you time to push the buttons a bit and turn a few dials. Remember everyone that is going to be using the software before you make a choice.

Operating Systems

Android is very popular these days and a lot of people have an Android phone. That does not mean that everyone has an Android. Bear this is mind when choosing organizational software for a business environment. While it would be great if everyone would just pick a system and share the same operating system, this is not reality.

This fact does not mean that everyone cannot share an application. The key is to either pick one that is 100 percent compatible with everyone’s software or 100 percent online. Even an application that runs completely from a browser may not work in some people’s phones. Google’s line of tablets and phones are not compatible with Flash or any Flash player and this is a medium that most applications use.

Putting it all Together

The final analysis is one of personal preference. A single person wanting to organize their life a bit has a plethora of options. The best choice for them is likely an application that runs at home and on their mobile device. Since they are the only one using it, they can ensure that it has exactly what they need, no more, no less.

A business has to narrow their choices a bit and make sure that everyone can use the application. This includes both the physical use of the program and access to it. One way to help with this is to ask everyone if they are using something right now. Many times an employee may have already put in the time to narrow down the list to a few choice applications.

One absolute rule of thumb is to stick to one program, one website or one application. It may seem like it is no big deal now to use two different ones, but after a couple weeks of putting in the same information in two different places you will be ready to pull your hair out.

The future technology that the movies have been showing for years is here today. Weeks can go by during which a person never takes a physical dollar out of their pocket and pays for everything through their mobile phone. They carry shopping lists, credit card information and everything else is one small package. It is an amazing time.

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