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Wednesday, 26 December 2012

7 Reasons To Buy New iPhone5

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7 Reasons To Buy New iPhone5   

Apple’s new wonder hit the market on September 21,2012, till then iPhone 5 has occupied top position in touchscreen based smartphone category. Approximately two million phones were sold within 24 hours of its release. The new next gen smartphone iPhone5 comes with so many new features succeeding its predecessor iPhone 4s. The new iPhone 5 is faster, thinner, simpler and lighter to hold. Most of the people are selecting this phone because of its astonishing features. Its redesigned features are best suitable for various types of users mainly IT and business professionals. It comes with latest built-in applications and improved features. In iPhone series, iPhone5 occupies sixth place. 

      Following are the seven reasons to buy new iPhone 5.

1.    Larger screen: The new iPhone 5 is much larger than iPhone4s. The phone supports 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio with a high-resolution 4-inch screen.
2.    4g LTE: iPhone 5 is the first phone to start 4G LTE technology in the mobile market. It allows users to upload and download files glitteringly fast.
3.    A6 Processor: It replaces its previous processor chip A5. The A6 processor allows iPhone to function twice faster than the iPhone 4s.
4.    Audio system: The new iPhone has greatly enhanced audio system. It comes with 3 microphones and 3 speakers. Microphones are located near the ear piece, below the home button, one on the front, one at the bottom, one near the camera and one on the back.
5.    Battery life: Battery is equipped with 3.8 V, 5.45 Wh and 1,440 mAh. It has great battery life, without usage, it can standby up to 225 hours, with the use of video, it can standby up to 30 hours. With the usage of WiFi, it can survive up to 10 hours.
6.    Camera: The new 8 megapixel camera comes with an image processing chip which decreases the noise reduction in pictures normally. You can take clear pictures even in low light. The new 8 megapixel camera moves 40% faster in image capture. The panorama mode captures 240 degrees image.
7.    iOS6: iPhone comes with the latest version of mobile operation system iOS6. The new version replaced the old iOS 5. iOS 6 is specialised with Do not Disturb option, Face Time over 3G, Passbook, Siri and Apple Maps. Apple Maps is a competitor to Google Maps.

The new iPhone 5 is equipped with various apps like, entertainment, education, games, social networking and finance. You can download any application from App Store. Some of the apps are free to download, but for some apps you have to pay money. If you are taking your iPhone on loan, make sure you are applying along with payment protection insurance. If you are out of job, you can apply for PPI claims.

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