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Sunday, 3 February 2013

Windows Phone 7.8 update Released for all windows phone 7.5 devices

Well if you have read my previous posts you might be knowing I use a Samsung Omnia W - Windows Phone . And I was SO happy that I received my update well on 31st January ! So quickly i updated my phone the next day and hurray !! it felt like i am carrying a new phone with a nice new windows phone 8 like start screen.

If anyone would see your phone at first glance he might think you carry a windows phone 8 device :P . So i have explained the new features the Video below

Do watch it ! 

But also i would like to post the new features again here :

1. New boot Screen (blue color)

2. New Start Screen

3. Internet Explorer runs faster than before (in my case , i felt so...)

4. New Bing Lok Wall paper .. which updates daily ! Just as your bing search image.

5. New Logo for MS Office 

6. New Logo for XBOX Games

A bit Of Disappointment for the Samsung Windows Phone users and a Great benefit for Nokia devices ... 

Nokia is now Connecting People via the Bluetooth File Transfer App :P

Also the Nokia users get One more App called "Ringtone maker" , wherein users can make a custom ringtone from their library of Songs on their phone .

Samsung is now one of the leading companies and I do expect from them to release an app for their windows Phone 7.8 Devices which enables BLUETOOTH FILE TRANSFER !

That's the only disappointment ! Overall its nice to have the new update and we can even expect samsung to roll out an App for bluetooth file transfer :)

Do watch the Video Review of the new Update ... Cheers :)


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