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Thursday, 14 March 2013

One Channel - New YouTube Channel features (Completely New Looks) - TechBum

This is one of those times that YouTube has surprised me. Just today when i logged in ,and i received an option to upgrade to the new YouTube channel feature called "YouTube One Channel".

YouTube Channel Layout has now changed ... So what do we have new in this YouTube One Channel feature ?

1) Channel Trailer Video 

Make your first impression count . All your viewers can become subscribers. You just need to win them over. With the new design you can feature a trailer that plays only when non-subscribed viewers land on your channel. This is your chance to let them know what your channel is all about and encourage them to subscribe.

2) YouTube Channel Art

Dress up once , look Good everywhere .People watch your channel everywhere, on their sofa, at their desks, on the bus. You need to look your best on all kinds of screens. Now your channel art will scale beautifully to any size screen and your social and merchandise links will be available on any device with a browser.

3) Create Any Sort of Playlist
Your content is a Unique Snowflake. Take greater control over how you present your videos and playlists on your channel. You can now curate content – your own or others’ – into highly visible sections for your fans to discover what to watch. With multiple layouts for videos and playlists, you can arrange your channel to best highlight your content.
Now, when your subscribers click on your channel from the guide, your full channel appears instead of just your activity feed. Your fans see exactly what you want them to when they click on your channel.

These new features allow the user to put his/her content in an efficient and in a more Fancy manner ... Also it adds a more Professional Look and Feel of your work and obviously , your Channel .

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