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Thursday, 16 May 2013

How to get Google Adsense Approval . Monetize your Blog instantly - TechBum™

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Just like a newbie blogger about a year ago when I started blogging , I was very keen on activating Google Adsense for my blog .  I went through various online forums each of them explaining the same old stuff about blogging techniques , building up traffic , SEO etc.

This things were just really very boring to me . But then I had no choice but to come up with some quality content and get some traffic and finally one fine day my blog got approved and I now I am able to put Adsense ads on my blog. So if you are reading this you will find an ad somewhere in this post :P and a few in the sidebar too :) 

Ok , so from my experience i would suggest you like others to follow stuff like Making Quality 
Content , SEO , Building Traffic ... (Probably you wont be interested in this i know )

But here is one trick which will definitely help you add Adsense ads on your blog directly after making an Google Adsense Application procedure .  it is 100% working technique !

Just follow this Simple steps : 
(Make sure you have a blog setup already)

1) Make a YouTube channel .
2) Upload just 1 or 2 videos initially (just about anything !)

        So the trick here is that YouTube has started offering Partnership to  anyone who has a YouTube       
        channel . (Now anyone can Monetize their YouTube videos . )

How this helps ?
-->To monetize your videos you will be asked to make/associate a Google Adsense Account. 

And all you need to put ads on your blog is an approved / activated Adsense account .

3)So go ahead and create an Adsense account(with same or different ID) and hence you finally have an Approved Google Adsense Account . 

So, what you now have is a monetized YouTube channel and an Approved Google Adsense Account !

4) Wait for a Day or Two and then from your Adsense account you can generate AD Code , which you can add on your BLOG !
(Ads will show up immediately once you add the code . The earnings might take a day or two to show up in your adsense account :)) 

Congratulations ! You now have now Monetized you Blog and you have ads up and running on your blog . I guess after getting your Blog monetized maybe you should start to think about making Quality Content on your blog, if you haven't already  . :P  (Good Content is really very important)

If you have any sort of problem or some part which you have understood please feel free to post in te comments ! I will shortly be uploading a video on this topic . So Hang On ! Subcribe to my YouTube channel . 

Cheers :)


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