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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Best Android Keyboards : Find your type here ! - TechBum™

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Finding Your Type: The Best Android Keyboards

While using your phone por tablet its hard to avoid using the keyboard . Major use of the keyboard is to quickly push an email or while browsing  or simply while chatting . And these days for fast typing a well designed keyboard is a must ! Apart from the Stock keyboards available on your smartphone , few of the others well designed keyboards are :

1) SwiftKey(Paid)

 SwiftKey does not disappoint; gesture support (or Flow) is impressively accurate as is word prediction. These two features combined will keep you flying through long passages of text in next to no time.  

Swiftkey supports a large number of languages and has the handy option to have up to three enabled at the same time and easily switchable. 

Swiftkey's signature keyboard with Flow


Kii is another swipe-friendly keyboard which prides itself on the fact that it borrows ideas from many of the other keyboards featured in this roundup. Skins are supported so there’s scope for changing the look of your keyboard to suit your mood or the lighting you find yourself in. There’s also more than one keyboard layout to choose from including an interesting split option which is ideal for thumb operation on a tablet.

Kii's split keyboard layout is useful on tablets

3)Google Keyboard

Google's own keyboard looks and feels at home on Android

4) Swype Keyboard

Swype offers several layouts for phones and tablets

5)Thumb Keyboard

Thumb Keyboard packs a split layout and a nifty shortcut bar


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