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Sunday, 9 June 2013

How to Increase your website traffic with Google Webmaster tools : SEO tips - TechBum™

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Most of the newbie bloggers always complain about low traffic on their blog and keeping searching for tips and tricks via Google and end up paying for some artificial website traffic generator service. 

This is where SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) plays an important role. There is a lot of stuff on the internet about SEO and the tips and tricks but very few talk about the Google Webmaster Tools ! 

Few complain of low traffic even though they have some really good content on their website . Well , the problem is this 'really good content' has to reach out to the people who are Googling some related content . 

So if you expect that people type something in Google and your website should be visible on the first page of the Google search results , thinking as if your website might appear in the search results like magic ! then your are a fool...

Google is a Search Engine , so what it does is the web crawlers or spiders crawl through various websites picking up keywords and indexing the stuff accordingly and based on its PageRank algorithm it gives the search results . 

Hence, without submitting the Sitemap of your website to Google , you simply cannot expect your website name in the Google search results , no matter how awesome is the quality of your content .

For the people using blogger , can generate a sitemap via this link ; 


copy the sitemap you have generated and submit the sitemap on Google webmaster tools ;

Steps :

1) sign in with you google account on the webmaster tools page.

2) click 'ADD a Site'

3)Cick on the site name once it is added and then click 'Add/Test Sitemap'  and paste the link there .

4) it may take a day or two for your site to get indexed b Google 

5) once you site is indexed you will be able to see all the information like how many times your site has been crawled . 

6) Also it shoes , where your website appeared in the search results (first page , second page , etc. )

7) Thus , Webmaster tools play a significant role in knowing how your website is performing and helps you optimize your content to get organic traffic on your website !

I hope this helps you , though this may not seem to be a very quick method but this is the most efficient and legal way to get Organic traffic to you blog or website . 

According to my experience , after submitting my sitemap to Google i have had a 100% increase in the traffic on my blog. 

Feel free to comment . Cheers :) 


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  3. Well ! I would like to add some tips to increase website traffic of the website here:

    1. Content - write a good content that is updated regularly in your website/.
    2. Text styling -Make bold or use any different font style to highlight your keyword.
    3.Use hyperlinks
    4.Use your keywords in your web pages
    5.Add interactive features to your website.

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