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Monday, 1 July 2013

Python vs PHP vs Ruby - Great Infographic by Udemy.com

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I recently started learning Python on Udacity - www.udacity.com .

I have experience in languages like C++ and Java . Recently I felt like learning to create web apps and after hours of searching online i found out most of the people now recommend learning Python and not PHP . 

Things so good about python what i feel is : 

Python is the most readable language - All those available frameworks out there for python can be easily implemented and can be used to make professional web apps , once to get a hang of it . 

Well , I am still in the process of learning but this one Infographic I found on the net motivated me to learn Python .. 

Heres the link to that Infographic by https://www.udemy.com/blog/modern-language-wars/

Also the video for the same infographic is here below. Do comment on what you feel..

As of now I am learning Python and as i have experience in progrmming languages so for me Python is very easy to learn and I am getting a Hang of it quite quickly .!



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