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Thursday, 1 August 2013

Nokia to launch Windows 8 tablet in upcoming event scheduled in New York in next month.

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Nokia to hold Sept. 26-27 event, likely to announce first Windows tablet and phablet.

          Nokia has reportedly scheduled a press event in New York City on Sept. 26 -27. This could be when the company officially announces its first Windows 8 tablet and its rumored Lumia phablet.

          WP Central, a website that solely focuses on Windows Phone, reports that the handset giant may host an event on September 26-27. However, details regarding the event are still uncertain, whether it's a public press event or an internal meet. The site has also revealed a screenshot which appears to be a registration screen for the event.

         Windows 8-powered Nokia tablet just popped up on a bechmarking site that revealed some of the tablet's specs, including the operating system. It's not clear if this means that Nokia will use the full version of Windows 8 to power the tablet, or use Windows RT as had been previously reported.This would certainly help Nokia's first Windows 8 tablet get some great publicity as it coincides with Microsoft's next version of Windows 8. The tablets are expected to look similar to its Lumia smartphones, complete with bright colors and rounded poly-carbonate body.

        Details have been surprisingly scarce about a Nokia tablet, though we did see an earlier prototype, few weeks ago suggesting that the company is indeed experimenting with the platform. What is not clear is if the project continued going forward and what the current status is, though we have heard that AT&T is testing one and they would be the US launch partner. 


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