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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

How to Monetize a New Blog or Website?

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May be you are planning on starting a new blog or it may be a few days or months old and now you are thinking of earning from it . 

So, How do you monetize it ?

If you  are looking for quick earning methods from the blog , you should trying the following two options :

1) Affiliate Links

Although affiliate marketing sometimes gets a bad rap, it’s a straightforward way to make money, and it creates a win-win situation for you, your reader, and the product creator.

Many digital products (like ebooks, software and membership sites) offer an affiliate program, where you can sign up to earn commission on any sales you generate.
Generally you get a cut ranging from 10% - 50% . 

2) Gigs and Other Services

Well , this is something new . Hopefully ,you have a few skills related to your niche. For instance , you are an established blogger  and simply know the procedure on setting things up like installing and tweaking themes , plugins and so on.  You could offer blog setup to people who aren’t so techy minded.

Don’t underestimate yourself here. Skills that may seem second-nature to you could be very valuable to someone else

Tip: Offer your services for free to a few selected people, and get them to give you feedback so you can improve. Ask them for a testimonial that you can include on your website: this will be a big help in persuading potential customers that you’re reputable.

I haven't mentioned one of the most popular options out there – running adverts on your site. Many new bloggers want to monetize using ads – but it’s rarely a good way to make money.

(In My case , it took me nearly 10 months to get my first 100$ from Google AdSense)

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