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Saturday, 28 April 2012

25 Basic softwares for Windows Users

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                                 25 Basic softwares  for Windows Users

1.Good Antivirus:-

A good Antivirus is must for PC to safegaurd your PC from harmful threats,trojans ,malwares,spywares etc.

In this case I would recommend any of the top 5 Antivirus


Listening to songs and watching movies is one of the most important thing we do in our PC.So we need a good media player which can play almost all formats of files.So Vlc Media Player comes 2nd in the list.
You need an all one one softwares which cleans registry errors and junk files from your PC and makes your PC smooth and fast.For this I would recommend Tuneup Utilities/Uniblue Power Suite/Ccleaner.

I suggest you to get those three softwares and run those 3 softwares when you start using your PC .I guarentee you that your PC will run like a dream using these softwares.

Nero is a best softwares if you want to burn any type of CD or DVD but nero is not free so I recommend Img Burner which is very much similar to Nero but you can get it for free.

These are the two leading browsers and I recommend you to get these two browsers.

Mozilla Firefox is the best browser ever made for its multi functional use.Google Chrome is the fastest and safest browser. 


We cant imagine a business without MS Office.Right from student to a Business Man its a must software but its not for free so I recommend you to use Open Office which is very much similar to MS office but its for free.

If you want to read ebooks and pdf documents then its a must software for you.


8.7 Zip:-

Open source Windows utility for manipulating archives. Formats 7z, ZIP, GZIP, BZIP2 and TAR are supported fully, other formats can be unpacked. It has the highest compression ratio ever.


IDM is a must softwares for PC as it increases our overall download speed by 5 times.


Utorrent is a light weight and very efficient torrent to download files from utorrent.


Adobe Photoshop is a must software for editing photo but its not for free,I have an alternative for this GIMP which is free and very much similar to Adobe Photoshop.


Revo Uninstaller is a freeware innovative uninstall utility much faster than Windows Add/Remove applet. With its advanced and fast algorithm, Revo Uninstaller scans before and after you uninstall an application.


This is a must software if you want to watch flash videos on your computer.

Malware Bytes is a tool that removes malicious and infected area of your PC and it can optimize your PC performance.


Zone Alarm is a cutting edge firewall security option which blocks dangerous sites and downloadsZone Alarm comes with a ‘Two way firewall’ which keeps track of all incoming and outgoing traffic protecting you from hackers and other intruders.


Team Viewer is the best software for remote desktop viewing .You can share your desktop from anywhere in this world with this software.


Notepad++ is a free source and best text editor for several programming languages under windows environment.

Folder locker allows you to store all you files with a protected password.



This is a must software for virus testers .If you download any applicattion from internet just run it in Sandboxie to check whether its infected or not.

In this world of internet you cant guess when a keylogger gets installed on your PC and loose your confidential passwords.Keyscrambler software scrambles your keys and helps to stay safe even if keylogger gets installed.


Winrar is a must software for a PC as you can compress and store files and also most of the files which we download are compressed so winrar is must even to extract those files.

Password: alltechbuzz

File Opener is a software which can open different formats.This software can fulfill need of 10 softwares for opening files. 

  1. file+opener

Vmware helps us in installing multiple Operating Systems over one Operating System. Puzzled??? Well, to simplify things, Vmware allows us to run multiple Operating Systems(called slaves) on our computer. Say you are having Windows 7 installed on your computer as the main Operating System. Vmware runs as an application on Windows 7 and allows us to install other Operating Systems like Windows XP, Linux and 20 other types of Operating Systems. So, you don’t need to boot your computer to change your Operating systems. One Vmware Workstationcan accomodate 20 such Operating systems.

Vmware is particularly useful for testing purposes. Also, there are some softwares which do not upgrade themselves according to new updates. Vmware can be pretty useful for such softwares. If you want to have a free alternative to Vmware, try out VirtualBox.


Deep Freeze is another virtualization software. It is mainly used to keeping computers intact and preventing systems from being infected. It functions similar to Sandboxie. Deep Freeze makes computer configurations indestructible and prevents against unwanted workstation changes—regardless of whether they are accidental or malicious. Deep Freeze is proven to reduce helpdesk support incidents and allows IT personnel to focus on more strategic IT needs.


Are you banned from any forum??? Try out this software. If you want to surf anonymously on web without displaying your real IP address, you use this VPN – CyberGhost VPN. There are many other proxy softwares on web. But, none of them gives total protection to your computer. Most of them are restricted to only browser activities.


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