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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Descriptive Camera, 2012

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                                        Descriptive Camera, 2012

Descriptive Camera

created by Matt Richardson

Simply Awesome :)  Master piece in a Real sense..

The Descriptive Camera works a lot like a regular camera—
point it at subject and press the shutter button to 
capture the scene. However, instead of producing 
an image, this prototype outputs a text description of the 
scene. Modern digital cameras capture gobs of parsable 
metadata about photos such as the camera's settings, the 
location of the photo, the date, and time, but they don't 
output any information about the content of the photo. 
The Descriptive Cameraonly outputs the metadata about 
the content.

As we amass an incredible amount of photos, it becomes 
increasingly difficult to manage our collections. Imagine if 
descriptive metadata about each photo could be appended
 to the image on the fly—information about who is in each
 photo, what they're doing, and their environment could 
become incredibly useful in being able to search, filter, and
 cross-reference our photo collections. Of course, we don't 
yet have the technology that makes this a practical 
proposition, but the Descriptive Camera explores these

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